Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamed that I was in a hospital but the walls were covered in videos, kinda like a video store, but all the covers were facing out so it was almost like video wallpaper. Anyway, I had twins but didn't go through labor or anything else associated with childbirth, and they were very small (maybe a foot long) and covered in white cloths, and not breathing. I asked someone if I should push the emergency button on the wall by the bed/table thingy I was on, and they said yes so I did and it started this really loud alarm through the whole hospital which nobody responded to. Then I flashed forward about an hour or so,and suddenly a nurse was there, and she said the only way to revive the babies (which hadn't been breathing for a long time now) was to push a special button on certain video tapes. She did something with each baby that told her which movies to push the button on, and she yelled them out to us (thankfully the videos were in alphabetical order, but they were from floor to ceiling, which was no fun) and we grabbed each tape, took it out of the case, and pushed the button. Then I think I tried to do CPR on one of the babies, and when I unwrapped it, it was a plastic babydoll with poseable arms and legs, and I thought to myself not "I gave birth to dolls" but "these sure are ugly babies." But I got it to breathe on its own. There was no crying, though. I think I started on the other baby when the alarm rang. I remember thinking about how much extra work it was going to be to have twins as I was trying to save their lives.
Tags: dreams
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