Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

This weekend we pushed the six month blues back to the four month mark instead of postponing them. I'm pretty sure that all I had this past week was PMS, but just because I can label it doesn't mean it's OK.

On Saturday, we went to Petco for Doggie Dinner, and then to G.I. Joe's for new running shorts for Cory. Then we went to the pre-race spaghetti feed and listened to Ritardando, the Scary One-Man Band who asked for volunteers to help him sing and didn't get any, but kept asking anyway; who played the The Lion Sleeps Tonight on his accordian three times in a row without stopping. Then we tried to go to the Rimsky-Korsakoffee house, but it's only open in the evenings, so we planned on going back later. Of course we didn't. I took an impromptu nap after being all sulky and teary about nothing important (although I thought it was at the time - stupid hormones) and we went to the zoo, where the ATM ate my check card! Now I have to call the bank. I wasn't the only one who lost their card in that machine, either. Grr. (But I just called them and got it all taken care of, so that makes me feel better.) Then a trip to Trader Joe's and a nice episode of Lawrence Welk set off our evening nicely.

On Sunday morning, Cory ran the Race for the Roses! He did a really good job. I was very proud of him. He beat last year's time by seventeen seconds! Yay! Then we went back home and slept. It felt gooooood. Sunday was laze-around day, and it was worth it. I feel much better.

So now I go to work and let people moon over my new glasses, and see if I can stay out of Nan's way until she gets over the fact that I moved her mailboxes around. I think I'll be working in Special Makes again this week. I emailed Pat to tell her I was working in the mailroom all last week, and she said "We miss you! Come back to us, little Sheba!" She's funny.

Sunshine, the weatherman said you'd be here this week, but you're NOT! Where did you go? Did I say something wrong?
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