Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Curry and coffee

Yesterday afternoon, I called Rachel! It was nice to hear her voice again. We arranged an evening out, and began it right after I got off work.

We went to MisoHappi (or however you spell it) on 23rd and Northrup, I think, and by the time we got there my stomach was unhappy with being so empty, so when my curry chicken with noodles came, I inhaled almost all of it, and then all of a sudden my stomach yelled at me again for eating too much too fast. I don't think I've ever gotten that full that quickly. I maintain it's all because of eating with my boyfriend, who also eats large portions very quickly. :) Then we went back to my place and called our friend Wee John to ask him to go to the Rimsky-Korsakoffee house with us. We then waited for him for fifteen minutes, all the while making jokes about what a flake he was and how he could have become so. We talked for about two hours at Rimsky's, and I had a Borgia and a Chocolate-Raspberry Fool. Yum. Who said anything about wanting to lose weight? Oh yeah, that was me.

We took Weej home and then I was dropped off. It was about ten. I stayed out later than usual, and it was funny. I told Weej and Rachel that we all needed to get together with our significant others because it would be fun. So we'll probably do that some weekend.

Then I talked to Cory as I started getting drowsy. I like talking to Cory when I'm drowsy. But I like feeling him hold me when I'm drowsy much much better.
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